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ALPS Pte Ltd (ALPS) purchases drugs, medical and non-medical supplies and equipment, and services for Singapore’s three Public Healthcare Clusters (clusters) and their Public Healthcare Institutions (PHIs).

ALPS will enable group contracts at the national level while continuing to facilitate cluster-based or PHI-based contracts as required. We will continue to launch sourcing events through the existing platforms at the respective clusters and PHIs.

In the long term, ALPS will strive to have one eProcurement platform. For now, suppliers are encouraged to refer to the following Sourcing Platforms and to also review the pathways stipulated in the PHIs’ websites.


► Request for Proposal (RFP)

► Request for Information (RFI)

► Invitation to Quote (ITQ)

► Tender

► Awarded Contracts

​​ALPS Strategic Procurement Ariba eProcurement System
​​SingHealth Cluster Ariba eProcurement System
NHG Cluster Sesami eProcurement System
NUHS Cluster Sesami eProcurement System
PHIs Respective PHIs’ Websites

All new and existing purchase orders will be governed by ALPS' Standard Conditions and Master Agreements. ALPS will retain the final supplier sourcing decisions and approvals for contractual commitments binding ALPS and suppliers. Please continue to supply ALPS requirements fully in accordance with existing contractual and business arrangements.

Suppliers are encouraged to refer to the following contract templates by ALPS to learn more.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Supply of Products and Services [PDF|261kb]