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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I suspect something is wrong, but I am not sure?

A: It is not expected you will know every detail. Reporting what you do know is enough. Most reported cases are uncovered through tips from honest people who are not sure of their facts.


Q: Will there be an investigation process after each report is made?

A: Whether there is an investigation depends on a number of factors including the information provided, the details, documentation and MOHH Group company policy. MOHH Group will decide what action is required when they receive the report.


Q: How soon will MOHH Group be notified after a call is reported?

A: MOHH Group whistleblowing service will provide a report to a dedicated representative base on the entity within three business days of your call. If you report something of critical importance to the whistleblowing service, it will be reported to MOHH Group as soon as possible.


Q: What happens when I make a call?

A: Telephone calls to MOHH Group whistleblowing service are not recorded, nor is there a caller ID to identify the call. You are not required to provide your name to the whistleblowing service unless you wish to do so. Your report will be known only by a reference number unless you choose to tell the whistleblowing service your name.


Q: How many times can I contact the MOHH Group Whistleblowing?

A: You can contact the whistleblowing service as many times as you want to report suspected misconduct.


Q: Are law enforcement agencies notified of reports made to MOHH Group Whistleblowing?

A: The information reported to MOHH Group whistleblowing service is forwarded to the representative(s) who is responsible for addressing misconduct. If he or she decides corrective action is necessary, then they may notify the appropriate law enforcement agency if this is appropriate.


Q: Do I get any rewards for reporting misconduct?

A: No, there is no reward for reporting misconduct to the whistleblowing service.


Don’t turn a blind eye. Report it via ALPS Whistleblowing and help protect your company from any workplace misconduct.

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