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Our VISION is to be a LEADING, INNOVATIVE and TRUSTED supply chain partner in transforming healthcare.

icon showing a completed checklist, signifying being in the lead and ahead of the curve

We strive for the highest professional standards to excel in healthcare supply chain.

icon showing a lightbulbn, signifying bright ideas being generated

We encourage creativity, practical solutions and advancement with technology.

icon showing a thumbsup, signifying mutual agreement and undersatanding

Our relationship with our vendors cannot thrive without mutual trust and the shared understanding that the needs of our patients come first.

Our MISSION is to deliver DYNAMIC and VALUE-BASED supply chain solutions through PARTNERSHIPS.

icon showing heart rate, signifying immediacy and dynamism

We are adaptive and resilient to evolve with healthcare needs.

icon showing a dollar sign, signifying the pursuit of cost efficiencies

We do our due diligence and research different but viable treatment methods, empowering our healthcare workers and patients to choose the course of treatment that best suits them.

icon showing 2 hands shaking to close a business deal, signifying trust and partnership

We value our partners and collaborate with them on supply chain solutions to benefit the patients.

Transforming Singapore’s healthcare landscape is a team effort and requires us to be agile yet accountable. Our CORE VALUES, I2SET, keep us focused on the right track and help us overcome obstacles that prevent us from achieving our shared goal. They describe the professional behaviours and ethics that we embrace.

icon showing a compass, signifying morality and integrity

We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

We uphold the quality of being honest and truthful in our actions.

We are fair, open and transparent with each other.

icon showing gears turning in a person's mind, signifying innovative ideas

We encourage creative ideas and experiment new ways of doing things.

We focus in finding practical solutions to solve supply chain challenges.

We promote out of the box thinking and being enterprising.

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We leverage on each other’s expertise and knowledge to advance together.

Together with our stakeholders and partners, we work collaboratively as one entity to achieve our shared goals in transforming healthcare supply chain.

icon showing 2 hands embracing a heart, signifying empathy

We care for each other. We stand in the shoes of others and understand their point of views.

We think and do what is the best for our staff, stakeholders, and patients.

icon showing 2 men and 2 women hand in hand, signifying trust and respect

We honour and deliver what we promise.

We embrace and value our diversities.

We create a conducive working environment where different views are being respected.