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Singapore's rapidly greying population is cause for concern. In 2017, we became an aged society - according to WHO's definition - with 14 percent of the population made up of seniors aged 65 years and above. If the silver generation continues this unabated growth, it will have a profound impact on healthcare demand and expenditure.

Older patients tend to suffer more than one disease or medical condition at the same time, and often with more complications. They require more medical attention, procedures and follow-up services, medications and longer hospital stays. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more we are spending on healthcare.

MOH's and ALPS' solution to this development is bold and transformative – designing and executing a national-level, end-to-end supply chain blueprint, in partnership with all Public Healthcare Institutions, to ensure everyone, regardless of age, can access appropriate and affordable treatments and medications in the years ahead.

image of the interior of a warehouse, showing packages travelling along a conveyor belt leading towards numerous stacked shelves

To achieve economies of scale, creating greater synergy, developing new capabilities and evolving innovative supply chain solutions.

image of a female doctor, in a lab coat and sethoscope, smiling at her patient who is seated opposite her.

To yield system-level gains for patients, providers and staff, mitigating cost increase and bringing greater convenience to patients.

image showing small bottles and vials containing, presumably, different types of drugs and medications.

To strengthen Singapore’s pharmacy services, inventory management, and distribution network capabilities, building up their resilience against unexpected disruptions.

Ultimately, ALPS will rely on our People, Processes, and Partnerships – otherwise known as our three peaks of excellence – to improve Singapore’s healthcare supply chain and make it more sustainable and resilient.

image taken at one of the sites showing ALPS inventory staff


Our employees are not just our most valuable assets, they are the beating heart of Public Healthcare, ensuring essential medical supplies and consumables reach where they are needed most, enabling our Public Healthcare Institutions’ operations to hum along smoothly and uninterrupted.

image of a laptop being used in a warehouse


Any organisation which doesn’t seek to innovate or to improve itself will eventually slide into irrelevancy. But at ALPS, we continuously explore emerging technologies to drive productivity and efficiency, and increase our value proposition.

image taken at one of the sites showing ALPS procurement staff


We put in time and effort to build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders – be it government agencies, industry regulators, product vendors and service providers - as we recognise that sharing our knowledge and experience often result in higher levels of productivity and innovation in our work.