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ALPS' Motivations

ALPS Pte Ltd was officially launched on 1 July 2018 to bring to fruition the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) target for Singaporeans to receive good healthcare services at the best and affordable value. To that end, the MOH has set out three strategic shifts for Singapore’s healthcare system:

Moving Beyond Healthcare to Health:​Moving Beyond Hospitals     to Community:​Moving Beyond Quality        to Value:
​By empowering Singaporeans to lead healthier lifestyles and shifting the focus to health promotions, early screenings, and disease prevention, this would reap rewards in the long run with fewer trips to medical clinics or hospitals seeking care and treatments.​Identifying appropriate avenues and course of treatments near the patients’ homes ensures they remain well for longer and is better for their health and convenience.​Innovative use of technology to eliminate unnecessary administrative processes, improve the delivery of healthcare services, and raise the productivity of our healthcare workers.

ALPS’ skilled supply chain professionals  shall leverage on data analytics, forge strategic partnerships, and tap emerging technologies and other innovative solutions to improve and future-proof Singapore’s healthcare supply chain landscape and to better meet the needs of the public healthcare.