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ALPS’ logo design is made up of three triangles that form a bigger triangle. Individually, the triangle symbolises embracing change, taking action, and moving forward. It is also not a coincidence that the three triangles come in different primary colours, as each of them represents a different ‘Peak of Excellence’ People, Processes and Partnerships.

RED – Represents confidence, courage, energy and passion, all of which aptly describe ALPS staff and our ongoing efforts to improve the public healthcare system.

PURPLE – Represents creativity, imagination, and an eagerness to explore and develop alternative solutions to present and future supply chain challenges.

GREEN – Represents strong growth, progress and success in the partnerships that ALPS have had with various stakeholders, helping us reach ever closer to our Vision and Mission.

When the three ‘Peaks of Excellence’ unite in the formation of the bigger triangle, demonstrating a strong collaborative spirit and connectivity to one another, the outcome is that of an Apex rising, one that is balanced and resilient yet also strong and sturdy.

Through its dedicated workforce, innovative processes, and fruitful partnerships, ALPS will be a driving force for constant process improvements that will help propel public healthcare towards new and greater heights.

In becoming one in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, ALPS will fulfil its aspiration of reaching the ‘Pinnacle of Success’.

Underneath the ‘Pinnacle of Success’, the ALPS lettering and tagline, Synergies in Healthcare Supply Chain, are rendered in black, Futura PT font. As the font name implies, Futura has a contemporary, almost futuristic look, and adds credence to ALPS’ role and responsibility to transform Singapore’s healthcare supply chain into one that is ready to face future challenges head on.