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As ALPS celebrates its 4th Anniversary, we are humbled to receive the One Public Service Award for Exemplary Inter-agency Collaboration, COVID-19 PCR Testing Capacity Expansion!

ALPS was commended for its efforts to centrally procure and manage supplies, and ensuring a resilient supply chain of critical testing supplies (such as reagents, swabs, universal transport mediums, PPE, and more) despite global supply chain challenges.

Special mention to ALPS' Strategic Procurement (Medical Supplies) Team for their efforts and hard work in this collaboration!

ALPS is a member of the multi-agency collaboration to control the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. Fellow award recipients include A*STAR, DSO, DSTA, EDBB, HPB, HSA, HTX, IHiS, JTC, MINDEF, MND, MOH, SLA, and URA.

Under the MOH's stewardship, we aggressively raised the national PCR resting capacity to beyond 60,000 tests per day. This by training and deploying 3,500 swabbers to 750 swabbing sites island-wide with nearly 30 laboratories testing the PCR swab samples and certifying the results.

The One Public Service Award is part of the Public Sector Transformation (PST) Awards, a Whole-of-Government pinnacle platform to recognise and reward public officers and public agencies for excellence in their work and organisational practices.

This year, the COVID PST Awards recognises 97 recipients across 9 award categories who have made sacrifices and worked hard to help citizens and businesses during the pandemic while displaying PST traits such as agility, service excellence and innovation.

Click here to learn more about the COVID PST Awards.

Ms Poh Siew Tin, Assistant Director of ALPS Strategic Procurement (Medical Supplies), received the award on behalf of ALPS.